Friends for Change Comes to an End

Friends for Change Comes to an End

The Disney Friends for Change Games, a five week multiplatform event, officially culminated on Sunday, July 31st with a finale that drew 3.6 million total viewers (with 1.9 million K6-11 and 1.6 million Tweens 9-14), making it the top show on cable in its time slot.

Overall, the event was a huge success with a series of shorts that aired on the Disney Channel and Disney XD, reaching more than 37 million viewers. As reported by Cynopsis, the Disney Friends for Change website had more than 22 million page views and almost 4 million game starts of three featured games which kids can plan to donate points to one of four charities.

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Over four weeks in July, Disney Channel stars from around the world competed in the Friends for Change Games, a competitive sporting event with an eco-friendly twist, which aired on the Disney Channel. The final on-air score had the Red Team (World Wildlife Fund) decimating the competition with 1025 points, compared to the Blue Team’s (Ocean Conservatory) 700 points, the Yellow Team’s (UNICEF) 550 points, and the Green Team’s (Fauna and Flora International) 500 points.

The Red Team was led by captain Mitchell Musso and featured Zendaya, Roshan Fegan, and Davis Clevland of Shake It Up; Doc Shaw and Kelsey Chow of Pair of Kings; Jake T. Austin of Wizards of Waverly Place; Carlon Jeffrey of A.N.T. Farm; and Dean Delannoit of Disney Channel Belgium.

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More than 1.2 million kids have voted online for their favorite team’s charity, and there’s still time to play the three online games (Energy Dance Battle, Conservation Catapult, and The Recycler) to donate points to one of the four charities, with the winning charity receiving $100,000. Currently, the World Wildlife Fund is in the lead with 38% of the votes, followed by the Ocean Conservatory with 25%, UNICEF with 20%, and Flora and Fauna International with 18%.

Energy Dance Battle: Dance it up and see how much energy your online moves can create– then help save the planet by donating your points to charity!

Conservation Catapult: See how fast you can catch clothes and put them on the line, then donate your points to the charity you want to help!

The Recycler: Hustle to pull recyclable trash off the conveyer belts so it can be turned back into treasure, and help your favorite charity by turning your points into a sweet donation!

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A current online poll asks site visitors to vote for their favorite part of this year’s Friends for Change: 1. Playing the games, 2. Making a pledge, 3. Using the Digital, or 4. Voting on charities. Vote now, and then add your original art to one of the beautiful Disney Friends for Change Group Wall Mosaics.

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  1. william wang says:

    do you know why the games haven’t aired in 3 years?

  2. symari stewart says:

    Every moment I recycle water bottles and paper, I feel like I just saved part of the world.

  3. symari stewart says:

    Friends for change really makes people realize that when they pick up leftovers or plastic, it can help the world by reusing, instead of wasting and spending money on different kinds of things that could of been recycled.

  4. nicole emerick says:

    Hi my name is Nicole. I am cleaning up around places everywhere like my daycare, my house,the park and the beach. It makes me feel good. August 11 ismy b day. Me and my family like to recycle

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