Make Your Mark Returns Summer 2012!

Make Your Mark Returns Summer 2012!

Last summer, the Disney Channel hosted the wildly popular kids-only dance competition, Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off: Shake It Up Edition. More than 28,000 audition videos were submitted online and six talented finalists were chosen. The finalists competed in a professionally-choreographed dance event telecast live on the Disney Channel, and the winners, a team of four dancers named AKSquared, were featured as spotlight dancers on an episode of Shake It Up.

Screenshot from the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off website, image copyright Disney

Millions of Disney Channel fans tuned in for the 2011 Ultimate Dance Off and thousands more have eagerly waited for the opportunity to show off their dance moves in a new competition. GREAT NEWS! Disney has confirmed that MAKE YOUR MARK WILL RETURN IN JULY 2012 for a second edition of the competition series. Like last year’s Shake It Up Edition, the 2012 competition will feature an online audition period followed by an October telecast of the semi-finalist showdown.

Dancers, you have four months to stretch your legs and polish your moves for this year’s Make Your Mark. In the meantime, you can find inspiration in last year’s semi-finalist performances (linked below).

Meet the “Shake It Up Edition” Semi-Finalists
Arielle, Kailey, Alyssa, and Kalani

Self-dubbed “AKsquared” from Arizona impressed with their gymnastics moves and great flexibility.


12 year old Arjang’s liquid dancing and pop and lock routine is even more impressive when he admits that he’s a freestyler who dances without choreography.


12 year old Jade from Illinois can really work the audience with her spunky hip hop moves and pirouette turns.


13 year old Amir from Virginia knows how to groove and has fancy footwork to match.

Sam and Casey

Sam and Casey from the West Coast have an edge as the only male/female pair for lifts, dips, and other pair moves.

Christine and June

Christine and June are sisters from New Jersey with a unique style and lots of personality.

Now put on your dancing shoes and get moving!

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