Make Your Mark: Submit Now!

Make Your Mark: Submit Now!

With four weeks until the end of auditions for this year’s Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off, the competition is already rocking. Already, more than 6,400 audition videos have been submitted by aspiring dancers from across America and are available to view online.

Screenshot from the Make Your Mark: Shake it Up Dance Off promotional video, image copyright Disney

This year’s Make Your Mark website is different than last year’s. Disney has nixed the STAR and THUMBS UP icons used to distinguish last year’s featured and most popular audition videos. This year, viewers can search the audition videos by song (“Don’t Push Me”, “TTYLXOX”, “Something to Dance For”, “Whodunit”), and by “Number of Dancers”, “Dance Style”, and “Fun Stuff” (Cool Location, BFFs, Fresh Personality, etc.). Viewers can “Like” videos and post responses from a selection of pre-approved comments.

Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t changed is the sluggish web speed. Just like last year, the Make Your Mark server can’t quite handle the huge bandwidth needed to stream all of the audition videos. While browsing the auditions, the site runs slowly and the videos frequently freeze up, even when connected to a high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out in time for next year’s competition. In the meantime, patience is a necessary virtue.

In addition to watching the user-submitted videos, Make Your Mark fans can learn the latest dance moves from a series of more than 30 instructional dance videos. Dancers seeking inspiration for their own choreography can learn moves like the Latin Slide, Swivel Foot, CeCe Bounce, and dozens more.

The 2012 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off auditions end August 6th. The semi-finalists will be announced on September 14th and will appear in a Disney Channel televised event in October. Submit your auditions now! Best of luck to all participants!

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    GO d.J MIX…..

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    I vote for the little girls. Because they rock. The stage

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    I hope DJS MIX won

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    DJ’s mix i hope you win
    you girls are sooooooooo flexible and such good dancers good luck i hope you win

    GOOD LUCK AND ALWAYS KEEP DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ruby says:

    DJ’s mix i hope you win
    you girls are sooooooooo flexible and such good dancers good luck i hope you win

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    I love DJ’S MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE SO CUTE LOVE THIER OUTFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    DJ mix you are super flexible and cool hope you win

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    I think I want to know how to dance

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    I should win.I think I better than all of them.

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    Djs mix you are awesome hope you win!YOUR AWESOME

  19. Samantha laws says:

    Djs mix you are awesome hope you win! YOUR AWESOME!

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    I LUV the 2 little girls off of dj mix they did awesome.i give you 2 a big thumb up!!!!!!!!

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    I love identity you go boys

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    Luv 2 Dance!!!:P It is awesome that people can experience for a second time 😛

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