More from the Flower and Garden Festival

More from the Flower and Garden Festival

The start of the 2012 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is still nine months away, and with the heat of summer or the cold of winter upon us now (depending on your hemisphere), I thought it would be a nice treat to share more gorgeous springtime photos from 2011’s event. A special “thank you” to our two photographers, Samantha McElhaney and Mandy Chorman. Enjoy!

A Sheriff Woody topiary is posed in front of Epcot's Spaceship Earth. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

A Buzz Lightyear topiary waves from behind the Epcot Springs To Life Festival sign. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Lotso Bear greets visitors at the entrance to Epcot. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

A charming Winnie the Pooh topiary holds a red balloon. Photograph by Mandy Chorman

Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto fly a kite. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Donald Duck is all smiles as a flirtatious Daisy Duck bats her eyes. Photographs by Samantha McElhaney

Lightning McQueen speeds through the Epcot flowerbeds. Photograph by Mandy Chorman

Cars 2's Mater is revving to go. Photograph by Mandy Chorman

Miniature Disney Fairies topiaries prance among blossoming gardens.

Fairy Silvermist was photographed by Samantha McElhaney, and Tinker Bell, Terrence, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Fawn were photographed by Mandy Chorman.

Rafiki holds Baby Simba high. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Pumbaa lives the Hakuna Matata life. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

A Timon topiary prepares to chow down. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Cogsworth and Lumiere invite visitors to Be Our Guest. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

A defiant Peter Pan topiary may grow, but he'll never grow up. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Captain Hook seems unaware of the hungry crocodile behind him. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Lady and the Tramp flirt outside of an Italian pastry shop. Photograph by Samantha McElhaney

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip dance among the flowers. Photograph by Mandy Chorman

Cinderella and Prince Charming topiaries dance past the stroke of midnight, but not past the end of the International Flower and Garden Festival. Photograph by Mandy Chorman

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  1. Samantha McElhaney says:

    These photographers are amazing! You should hire them as official Disney photographers, since you are CLEARLY associated with the parks!

    Love the blog Val!


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