Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

Several months ago, I downloaded the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app for the iPhone with the intent to write a review for Blogging Disney. I didn’t expect to enjoy playing the app as much as I did, and yet here we are, weeks later, and I am still running a fashion boutique for fairies with clientele as illustrious as Tinker Bell herself.

Screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

A middle-schooler I recently tutored saw an app notification pop up on my phone and expressed with surprise, “I didn’t know adults play Disney Fairies!” Well, we do. And we like it.

Primrose Twinklefield's boutique, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Gameplay for the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique is simple. You start by creating a fairy avatar with a cutesy name (Primrose Twinklefield, in my case) or if you already have a Disney Fairies/Pixie Hollow account, you can import a pre-made avatar. Your fairy avatar is now the owner of a tiny fashion boutique with one mannequin and five insect and arachnid friends (caterpillar, spider, ladybug, firefly and roly poly) who are very good at making clothes.

Boutique closet, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The goal of the game is to attract clients to your boutique by dressing your mannequins in the latest fashions and then custom-making clothes on request that you sell to the fairies who frequent your shop. Early on in the game, the requests are simple: make a top that is green or bottoms that are blue, but as your boutique levels up, the clothing orders become more particular as your clients will ask for designs suitable for a specific season (summer, winter, spring, fall) or catered to the tastes of different fairy talents (tinker, earth, water, light and animal).

Fairy client, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The more fashions you design and sell, the more pixie dust you earn which can be used to buy expansions for your shop including more mannequins (up to 10 total) and custom themes as your boutique gets larger to attract more fairy clients. As you meet game goals and level up your “fairy helpers” so they can make clothes more quickly, you can unlock six levels of fashions and an expansive color palette.

Yellow color palette, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Fashions that are more detailed require more time to make and are worth more pixie dust points when they sell. Your clients will give you from 15 to 72 hours to complete a design request and your fairy helpers will take anywhere from 30 seconds to more than 24 hours to complete designs, depending on the fashion level and clothing type (tops, bottoms, shoes, headpieces, belts/sashes, necklaces, bracelets, anklets). Unless you use pixie diamonds to speed up the crafting, designs take real-time to make, making Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique a game of waiting, requiring a lot of patience and frequent app visits.

Fairy Helpers, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

As with every app these days, the Fashion Boutique includes optional in-app purchases for pixie diamonds, pixie dust and materials that cost anywhere from $0.99 to $49.99 (that’s a lot!). Of course, one thing I like most about the app is that you don’t have to spend any money for full gameplay as you can earn free pixie diamonds, pixie dust and materials through meeting game goals. There is also a social media component that allows you to connect to your Pixie Hollow friends and other players through the app’s Game Center where you are able to “gift” free pixie diamonds to your favorite boutiques.

Market Place, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Overall, I would rate this app very highly. It’s a simple game, but the design options and color palette are so expansive that you can create thousands of different fashions, making the outfit combinations practically unlimited. Some fashion-forward boutique owners are especially clever and have recreated outfits worn by Disney princesses and other well-known characters.

Lily Glitterwind's Boutique, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The gameplay can be repetitive, especially when working to level up your fairy helpers. Each fairy helper has a different fashion skill (the spider makes thread, the caterpillar’s fur can be shaved off like a sheep – no kidding!) and you have to play mini games to “train” your helpers to make clothes faster. The mini games only take 30 seconds – 2 minutes to play, but you have to play them dozens of times to max out your helpers at Level 6, and without more variation, that gets old very quickly.

Caterpillar mini game, screenshot Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Another feature that would make the app more fun is if you could buy fashions from other players, instead of only allowing sales to non-player game characters. The Game Center allows you to visit other boutiques, but not buy. But despite these limitations, the FREE Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app is more than worth a download and can provide hours of fun for fashion designers in-training, both kids and adults (like me!).

Roly Poly mini game, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

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  1. cila says:

    Please bring back this game!! I very love it!!

  2. Addison says:

    I love this s game I always play it on my mom’s iPad and I wanted it on my phone so I went on the App Store but couldn’t find it and then when I saw this website I clicked on ” Disney Fairy Fashion Boutique app” and guess what it said? “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S store.” I say no fair.

  3. Fifaaaa says:

    อยากให้เกมส์นี้กลับมา ชอบเล่นเกมส์นี้มากๆ เอากลับมาเถอะนะ อยากเล่นจริงๆ เคยเล่นของเพื่อนสมัยไอพอด ตอนนี้มีไอโฟนแล้วอยากโหลดเล่นเองแล้ว ตามหาตั้งแต่ม.4 ตอนนี้ปี 2 แลัว ตามหาเกมส์เจอแต่สุดท้ายมันปิดไปแล้ว กลับมาให้เล่นเถอะนะ ฮือๆ

  4. amy says:

    you’r right.

  5. Miss Fabulous says:

    Okay, so Fashion Boutique was removed. HAVE NO FEAR. This retrieval method is /only/ for Apple users!

    The app will still be connected to your account!!! Going to the App Store, click the Updates button on the bottom. Go up to “Purchased.” Go through the list, and Fashion Boutique should still be there. It can run without any problem, so download it right back :))

    ***Your previous progress WILL MOST LIKELY BE GONE, since/if the app was deleted or not on iPhone*** (maybe if you uploaded the data onto your computer and put it back into your iPhone it may work, although haven’t tried it yet!)

    With this method, you can retrieve any app linked to your account! I’m pretty sure using the same account on a different iPhone works too 🙂

  6. Leen says:

    Bring it back please

  7. Leen says:

    Bring it back

  8. Leen says:

    Bring back the game

  9. Leen says:

    Dear Disney Bloggers,
    My mom bout the game on her iPad to Let me and my 3 year old sister play with it and
    I’ve Ben searching since I was six years old but now I’m eaight and I’ve Ben searching for ever until this sad day I’ve read all comments and noticed it was shut down I’ve always Ben searching and never stopped for three years and everyone wants it back All children of all Ages and now all of the kids who des covered the game from some one else can’t Get it so please bring it back, my mom won’t allowed me to use her iPad because she’s using it for her work,I miss the game from the dearest of my heart, all my hard work can’t continue for the rest of life,IMAGINE HOW SAD CHILDREN ARE MAYBE SOME PEOPLE CRY EXAMPLE I AM! Please bring it back to light up my heart cause bad things have been hapining to me ever Since so your choice happy life or Sad I LOVE YOU DISNEY BLOGGERS.

  10. hali says:

    please bring pixie hollow back
    I bin play that game and it just shut off . please put it back on the website.
    me and my sister rilly want to play it again

  11. Choco honey says:

    please bring back pixy hollow we want to play it..we love this game..:'(..

  12. amy says:

    anyways you will get bored of it sooner or later it is not like the Pixie Hollow virtual world that was better than anything else. here in this fashion boutique game has no fun else making fashions, and making fashions thats all. you might sometimes visit other boutiques but thats no fun anymore to me. anyways, if you like it you can still search for it but that doesnt work for me. GOOD LUCK!

  13. Chelsea G. says:

    If you had it before you can still get it back. I did recently. Just go on purchased apps on your App Store and I think same concept with Android. It should still be there. I now have to completely redo everything but I got the app back.

  14. Harsha says:

    I can’t find this app anywhere and I really want it

  15. amy says:

    i still have it. not sure of the remove. but look, the wonderful land of pixie hollow poof! the fashion boutique( some people) poof! what next? disney princess story theater? i like making out episods.( romance, action, horror…etc)

  16. Jillian says:

    I can’t find this app anywhere and I really want it

  17. Latasha says:

    Holy coicnse data batman. Lol!

  18. Valeria says:

    Bring it back cause I’m going to cry

  19. Taylor says:

    This was the only game I actually enjoyed playing, it was perfect. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  20. Alice says:

    it is no longer available in the u.s. App Store but luckily I got it before they took it off the App Store so I am still playing it and making fashion 🙂

  21. kayla says:

    Make for Android plz

  22. kayla says:

    Need to make for Android! !!!!!!!!!
    No everyone uses apple !

  23. iris says:

    that is so so so so so so sad why why why

  24. sarah nold says:

    put it back! NOt FAIR!

  25. Anynomous says:

    I’ve been trying to find this app I want it so much. But it says it’s not available in the US App Store

  26. wilma says:

    I can’t find to download this game I love this game and my granddaughter love this game to /

  27. Olivia says:

    Can you make a apk file?

  28. Summer says:

    We have the app on an iPad that no longer works. My daughter is a major fan of this game. Please post an update as to when it will be available again for download.

  29. Mattie says:

    Unfortunately the app has been taken off the App Store august nineteenth with the website and I got the app right before it was taken off

  30. ckz says:

    I really want to play this game…but i can’t find the download link!!!

  31. Molly says:

    It’s nt in app store plz fix or tell me how to get it

  32. Myhuyen nguyen says:

    I really want to play this game but the only problem is that it is not on the App Store I think you need to fix this problem.

  33. Amie says:

    My daughter played the app on a friends iPad and wanted me to download it but I cannot find it. Do you know if it has been removed?

  34. olivia says:

    i play the app like every day!

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