Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

Several months ago, I downloaded the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app for the iPhone with the intent to write a review for Blogging Disney. I didn’t expect to enjoy playing the app as much as I did, and yet here we are, weeks later, and I am still running a fashion boutique for fairies with clientele as illustrious as Tinker Bell herself.

Screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

A middle-schooler I recently tutored saw an app notification pop up on my phone and expressed with surprise, “I didn’t know adults play Disney Fairies!” Well, we do. And we like it.

Primrose Twinklefield's boutique, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Gameplay for the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique is simple. You start by creating a fairy avatar with a cutesy name (Primrose Twinklefield, in my case) or if you already have a Disney Fairies/Pixie Hollow account, you can import a pre-made avatar. Your fairy avatar is now the owner of a tiny fashion boutique with one mannequin and five insect and arachnid friends (caterpillar, spider, ladybug, firefly and roly poly) who are very good at making clothes.

Boutique closet, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The goal of the game is to attract clients to your boutique by dressing your mannequins in the latest fashions and then custom-making clothes on request that you sell to the fairies who frequent your shop. Early on in the game, the requests are simple: make a top that is green or bottoms that are blue, but as your boutique levels up, the clothing orders become more particular as your clients will ask for designs suitable for a specific season (summer, winter, spring, fall) or catered to the tastes of different fairy talents (tinker, earth, water, light and animal).

Fairy client, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The more fashions you design and sell, the more pixie dust you earn which can be used to buy expansions for your shop including more mannequins (up to 10 total) and custom themes as your boutique gets larger to attract more fairy clients. As you meet game goals and level up your “fairy helpers” so they can make clothes more quickly, you can unlock six levels of fashions and an expansive color palette.

Yellow color palette, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Fashions that are more detailed require more time to make and are worth more pixie dust points when they sell. Your clients will give you from 15 to 72 hours to complete a design request and your fairy helpers will take anywhere from 30 seconds to more than 24 hours to complete designs, depending on the fashion level and clothing type (tops, bottoms, shoes, headpieces, belts/sashes, necklaces, bracelets, anklets). Unless you use pixie diamonds to speed up the crafting, designs take real-time to make, making Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique a game of waiting, requiring a lot of patience and frequent app visits.

Fairy Helpers, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

As with every app these days, the Fashion Boutique includes optional in-app purchases for pixie diamonds, pixie dust and materials that cost anywhere from $0.99 to $49.99 (that’s a lot!). Of course, one thing I like most about the app is that you don’t have to spend any money for full gameplay as you can earn free pixie diamonds, pixie dust and materials through meeting game goals. There is also a social media component that allows you to connect to your Pixie Hollow friends and other players through the app’s Game Center where you are able to “gift” free pixie diamonds to your favorite boutiques.

Market Place, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Overall, I would rate this app very highly. It’s a simple game, but the design options and color palette are so expansive that you can create thousands of different fashions, making the outfit combinations practically unlimited. Some fashion-forward boutique owners are especially clever and have recreated outfits worn by Disney princesses and other well-known characters.

Lily Glitterwind's Boutique, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

The gameplay can be repetitive, especially when working to level up your fairy helpers. Each fairy helper has a different fashion skill (the spider makes thread, the caterpillar’s fur can be shaved off like a sheep – no kidding!) and you have to play mini games to “train” your helpers to make clothes faster. The mini games only take 30 seconds – 2 minutes to play, but you have to play them dozens of times to max out your helpers at Level 6, and without more variation, that gets old very quickly.

Caterpillar mini game, screenshot Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

Another feature that would make the app more fun is if you could buy fashions from other players, instead of only allowing sales to non-player game characters. The Game Center allows you to visit other boutiques, but not buy. But despite these limitations, the FREE Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app is more than worth a download and can provide hours of fun for fashion designers in-training, both kids and adults (like me!).

Roly Poly mini game, screenshot from Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, copyright Disney

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  1. Makayla says:

    I am 17 and my little cousin plays this game and I have been searching for it because I always take her ipod away to play it it is such an addicting game but now that I went on this site I’m sad to discover it has been deleted ! Why would they do that I’m seriously so upset I have been searching for this game to play it for a while!

  2. jdhgejd says:

    PLEASE bring back this game!!! Love the game its great for kids to play!!!!

  3. reham says:

    PLEASE, bring back this game along with the pixie hollow online game

  4. Misty winterlace says:

    I play and I have a Game Center you can add me as a friend

  5. Jenna says:

    IMPORTANT !!!!!!!! Those of you who have downloaded the app and deleted but want it back listen you can still get it for real this year 2015 first go to the App Store do not search anything in! Then under at the bottom of the page there are small tabs pick the purchased tab and carefully look through it and if you did download it in the past it will be there as well as the apps you have currently. But when you see it you tap on it and click download this will work it did for me!
    THIS ALSO WORKS IF YOU have a sibling or a family member connected to the same user for the App Store!

  6. Kristin says:

    My 5 year old downloaded this game recently and wanted my help. She now has me cracked out on it so I downloaded it to my phone. I’m guessing I was able to since our devices are all linked. Anyway, wondering if anyone still plays this game through gamecenter and can add me as a friend so I can achieve the rest of my goals. 🙂 thanks in advance. Kris10311

  7. Izzy says:

    Bring it back please I am so sad you took it of the App Store

  8. Nevaeh says:

    I got this game when I first got my iPAd but deleted it on accident and now I can’t find in the App Store please bring it back

  9. Tassa says:

    I cant find in the app store I played it but cant find it in app store



  11. Vanessa says:

    I love playing this game in my niece’s iphone before and when i bought an mini ipad i keep on looking for this app but unfortunately i cant find it..i hope they will put this back..

  12. sasha says:

    i want to play this ples bring it back

  13. Loo says:

    I can’t get it on my iPhone 5c

  14. sydney says:

    I cant find it on app store. how do I get it?

  15. chloe says:

    i kinda like the game but i wish that when i close the computer that it wuold save but it cant.I love this game more than any game on online.;]

  16. chloe says:

    ive played this game and it did not get saved but you wnow what it is the best game ive ever played ever.

  17. Maria Antonia says:

    I can not download this game because I will type in the app store on the iPad but it does not appear the game is kind if not exist! What do I do?
    I wood like if you answer me!☺️

  18. madeleine wilson says:

    i have this app on my ipod and i love it#

  19. Ruzan j ( jamaleddin8 on Instagram and paigeeworld) says:

    I have just redownloaded the app , but I’m not able to sign in my fairy account ! 🙁

  20. Lilli says:

    I am very upset that the app has closed down and will be no longer be able for future downloads. It’s disappointing that we want get new updates or clothing ever again. However, if I were to give a hint on how to download it back if you have deleted it is that you go onto the App Store and then click onto apps that you had already purchased and scroll down, you will see it if you downloaded onto the account, and then you can re download it. I had one account, and then I made another account on the App Store, and them I logged into the first account again and then redownloaded it.

  21. Juliette says:

    I want the game back

  22. evelin lopez says:

    I enjoy playing this game on my sisters iPad. But not that we no longer have the ipad i wish to continue playing it. So my request is if it would be possible to be put on the android market. I love this game. I would love to play it on my andriod phone.

  23. Taylor says:

    It won’t work and I can’t find it in the App Store

  24. Molly says:

    But don’t worry because there are DS games on Tinkerbell.. I am playing it on my D.S it is super fun!!! Based on the Movie Titles ( Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Tinkerbe;; etc)
    You should try getting it at your local store ( Walmart, ToysRus, Toyray, etc)

  25. Molly says:

    I really want to try the game but when I search it up on my ipod and ipad, it doesn’t show up, NEED SOME HELP HERE PLEASE!!!

  26. Molly says:

    I really wanted it on my i pod and on my i pad but I can’t find it at all! I wish I got the app before it was deleted from the app store!!

  27. Triz says:

    ATTeNTION !!!!!!! I think it got deleted bc the game didn’t work on some devices I

  28. LIVIDGAMER says:


  29. angryperson says:

    ok i am really angry this is no longer in the app store i just got a new iphone and was hoping to reget it it was on my ipad it got broken been upset i havent been able to play it it was one of my most favortie games i have no freaking clue why it was taken off bbut they need to bring it back

  30. ranya says:

    joy joy joy

  31. ellie says:

    I wish that you could get this game on your computer because it looks so much fun. Iknow that alot of people think it is little kiddish but it is not.

  32. Kathy morrison says:

    I love this app the App Store want let me get it please let me get Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique I love this game I love designing stuf like shirts pants skirts tank tops and more .i love metting fairies . Love Mary Elizabeth lee

  33. Kathy morrison says:

    I love this app the App Store want let me get it please let me get Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique I love this game I love designing stuf like shirts pants skirts tank tops and more .i love metting fairies to.So please let me download this game . Love mary

  34. Caline says:

    They shut the pixie hollow game down due to the fact that the company is trying to focus on (what seems like) an official game app. Not sure when it will come out though, probably soon so they can catch up with the new movie The Pirate fairy.

  35. Megan says:

    I love the gaame but I can not git it on my i pod

  36. Disney-Blogger says:


    If you still have the app on your phone or tablet device, you should be able to use the Pixie Diamonds you purchased, although the app has more limited features since the Pixie Hollow online world was closed in September, 2013.

    I am still able to access and play the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app on my phone and it appears to be working as usual except the “Social” Game Center where you can explore other boutiques is no longer available. I am still able to use my Pixie Diamonds to speed up the crafting of new outfits for my mannequins.

    If you want to contact Disney Interactive Studios directly regarding any issues you are having related to in-app purchases, you can try submitting a question online here: http://disneyinteractivestudios.custhelp.com/

    Unfortunately, because the entire Pixie Hollow online world has been shut down in favor of other Disney games, I don’t know that Disney will be very responsive to problems related to the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app.

  37. Disney-Blogger says:


    Since I’ve received several questions in the past few months regarding the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique App, I’ve done some more investigating and here’s what I’ve found:

    Disney has an FAQ page explaining the closing of the entire Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow online world, which is the most helpful information I’ve seen regarding the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the Fashion Boutique App: http://disneyinteractivestudios.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask

    Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique was removed from the App Store on September 19th, 2013. If you have already downloaded the game on your device, you can continue playing it with more limited functionality.

    Unfortunately, the app is no longer available for download on any devices, and if you deleted the app from your phone or tablet, there is no way to recover it.

  38. Judy Adams says:

    I purchased pixie diamonds recently only to find out this app is no longer available so I’m rather upset it took my money but now not able to use them!

  39. Kelsie says:

    I want to get it on my iPod but I can’t I shouldn’t have deleted it in the first place now I’m sad

  40. Disney-Blogger says:


    Unfortunately, the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique app is no longer available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), and it was removed from the app store. There is no word on why the app was deleted or if it will become available again in the future.

  41. hailey says:

    I can’t find it in the app store 🙁 apparently it’s not available in the us store

  42. Angyl Womack says:

    I used to play it, and I loved it, but my ipod broke and I can’t find it in the appstore for the ipad2. I would love for it to be on google playstore sobi can play it again. The ipad is my daughters, I would love to be able to play it on my GS3.

  43. Pixie Fans says:

    I had purchased it a year ago at iphone. But I had upgraded my iphone, but due to data transfer , my old iphone was reformat to ios7. Now I can’t find it in the apps again.

    Please inform.

  44. ivy says:

    When I search for this app on my ipod it does come up…but my sister can get it on her iphone.

  45. lynn says:

    we played this on an ipad but no longer have the ipad.
    would love love love this to be available on google play or kindle fire.
    does anyone have any news on that or where, who can we put a wish list in!

  46. aprilcotto says:

    I KILE

  47. Elizabeth says:

    This will be a great games

  48. solly says:

    I LOVE tinker bell

  49. Gloria valdelamar says:

    I want to buy this game for my daughter

  50. Mary bush says:

    I am a grandmother. My son put this game on his I-phone for his niece. She was too young then, at 2, to play. Then he gave me his phone; I learned to play and now my 3 year old grand daughter plays too. We fuss over who dresses our boutique fairy. I do when I’m at home and she does when I’m baby sitting! I Love This game. Have maxed out the helpers and stars. Have over 4.5 million in fairy dust. Only problem is that I cannot finish the last two goals because boutiques online will no longer load. :(. I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. The games for the helpers became boring.

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