Make Your Mark 2012: FAQ!

Make Your Mark 2012: FAQ!

Let the dancing begin! On June 29th, 2012, the Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off will begin accepting online video auditions for its 2012 competition.

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Last year’s Make Your Mark inspired thousands of aspiring dancers to upload more than 28,000 audition videos. Disney Channel fans invited to watch the videos online and vote for their favorite dancers. Six semi-finalists were selected to compete in a televised event where the competitors were watched – and voted for – by millions. The four talented dancers of AKsquared were declared the winners and were featured as spotlight dancers on an episode of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up.

Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off – 2012 FAQ

Please visit the official Make Your Mark website for more information. Be sure to read the competition’s DOs and DON’Ts before submitting an audition video. Parents and kids who want to read the Audition Procedures, here they are!

When can I submit my audition video?
You can submit your 45-second audition video beginning on JUNE 29th, 2012. The last day that videos will be accepted is AUGUST 6th, 2012. So you have FIVE WEEKS to submit!

I’m 8 years old. Can I make a video?
Audition videos will be accepted from any dancers who are between 8 and 16 years old, with your parent’s permission. So, YES! If you’re 8 years old, you can submit an audition. If you’re 16, you can submit one too! Just make sure your parents say it’s okay.

Can I dance to any music that I want?
Unfortunately, NO. The only songs that you can dance to are the official 30-second Shake It Up songs featured on the Make Your Mark website. They are “TTYLXOX” by Bella Thorne, “Something to Dance For” by Zendaya, “Whodunit” by Adam Hicks and CoCo Jones, and “Don’t Push Me” by CoCo Jones. If your video features any other music, it will NOT be accepted.

Click here to download the official songs! The songs are all 30-seconds long and are in an mp3 format which should play on iTunes, Windows Media Player, and other audio players.

I don’t want to audition by myself. Can I dance with my friends?
Audition videos will be accepted that feature one dancer as a solo performer or up to FIVE dancers as a team. If you don’t want to dance alone, you can dance with one, two, three, or four of your friends. But NO MORE THAN FIVE dancers total! All dancers must meet the age requirements (no younger than 8, and no older than 16) and have permission from their parents.

How long should my video be?
Your audition video should be between 30- and 45-seconds long. The songs are 30 seconds long, so you can use the other 15 seconds to introduce yourself and the other dancers on your team. Do NOT make a video that is more than 45 seconds long! Audition videos that are too long will not be accepted.

What can I use to record my audition video?
Whatever you have that can shoot video! You can use a video camera, web camera, or phone. Make sure you use plenty of lighting and focus on the dancing – you won’t win if no one can see your moves!

How many dancers will be chosen as semi-finalists?
This year, Disney Channel Producers will be selecting UP TO 10 diverse dancers and dance groups. They may select fewer than 10 dance acts.

I live in Canada. Can I submit an audition video?
Unfortunately, NO. To participate in Make Your Mark, you must be a legal resident and physically residing in one of the 50 states of America or the District of Columbia.

I have a lot of dance moves to show off. Can I submit more than one video?
YES! You can submit up to 20 (twenty!) audition videos, but each video must be original and feature unique choreography. Don’t upload the same video more than once, and don’t repeat all of the same dance moves.


1.) If you want to introduce yourself, DO NOT say your last name, your home town, your address, your phone number, or the name of your school. Protect your privacy and say your first name(s) and home state ONLY!

2.) DO NOT wear clothing that has any logos, and make sure your audition video doesn’t feature any brand names or images that you didn’t make yourself.

3.) DON’T use fancy editing or camera angles that distract from the dancing. Let the talent speak for itself! Press record, and show off your moves.

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  1. savana says : says:

    Who won

  2. savana says : says:

    I wish they would tell us who won

  3. savana says : says:

    I vote dj mix

  4. savana says:

    I vote for dj mix!!!!!!!

  5. HAILLE says:

    I hope you win DJ MIX you are awsome.I love how flexible you are thats what makes you dance so cool.You should win.

  6. Olivia says:


  7. MARIANA P says:


  8. MARIANA P says:

    bx5 crew i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. marcela says:

    i like starley and chris and djs micks love them i think they are goin to be in the three finalets

  10. JOCEL D says:

    awesome!!!!!!! and still goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bx5 i love them

  11. JOCEL D says:

    this is great go Bx5

  12. Morgan says:

    I think you are all very good dancers and hope to meet you

  13. kimmie says:

    i think that dj’s mix should win i mean they are awsome and flexsible come on and vote for those 9 year old girls

  14. Milan says:

    I love how they danced and a shout out to all the celeberties out there especially deby Ryan hi katiebi saw you on television just now eeeh

  15. genesis says:

    DJ mix

  16. josh says:

    ashley is totally the one

  17. niani says:

    wow no canda kids aww thats so missed up well good thing im not in canda

  18. de'asia says:

    i believe that the girls with all the black and white girls in that group will win they rock

  19. Sarrana says:

    I enjoyed reading the website and i hope i cod join next year cause my borin parents don’t want me 2

  20. JK says:

    My video has been posted on the website and on the commercials , you have to be a talented and creative dance to be on the commercials. Remember to watch tomorrow night to see who the semi finalist are .

  21. Stephanie says:

    When will we know who made the make your mark contest???

  22. Diane says:

    I only noticed that Disney has not updated the website in about a week in the half. I could be wrong,but the total number of videos are the same.

  23. Diane says:

    I also uploaded a video over a month ago.. It looks like Disney stop uploading any new videos. I guess anyone who entered after July 25th is out of luck.. 8^(

  24. Kristal says:

    Is it just me or did Disney stop posting new videos. Its been 3 weeks amd my video have not posted

  25. Langa ndlazi says:

    Hy disney my name is Langa i am 15 year i live in Africa in johannesburg (Orlando East) and i say please choose me cause am a good dancer,singer and actort and coming to U.S.A to start my carrer can really change my life and i cant finally tell my heart that am now doing what i love

    please contact me when you get this message.

  26. Makayla says:

    hey do they just choose random videos and put them in the commercial

  27. Kristal says:

    Disney-Blogger, thank you for the update and I do apologize if I seem a bit anxious, I read in another post about the wait time being over 1 month. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.

  28. Disney-Blogger says:

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately, is a fan blog only and is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or the Make Your Mark Shake It Up Dance Off competition. I can’t tell you anything about your videos or how long the approval process will take, I can only tell you what the contest has made publicly available. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    However, rest assured that if you successfully submitted your video before the audition period ended on August 6th and you followed all of the rules, then your video should (eventually) pass inspection and be posted on the Make Your Mark website.

  29. Sara says:

    Has anyone’s video uploaded yet???

  30. Kristal says:

    Sara, I know .. I just want to see if my video was uploaded. Grrr!

  31. Rosie says:

    i think they should let us vote online 6 dances and will all pick one winner i wish i can make my mark thats my dream to be on stage and dance i love shake it up .

    i love shake it up i would love to see them in person they are great dancers i would love to be on tv i wish i had there moves and also the winners every year make ypur mark winners
    by every one and good luck to the ones who made video and also i wish every one win by


  32. Kyra says:

    How do the finalist get picked ?

  33. Sara says:

    I know it bugs me when they dont tell me.

  34. Kristal says:

    SARA- I’m still waiting for someone to answer that same question. Even the DISNEY BLOGGER is non responsive

  35. sara says:

    I really need to know how long it takes to get the email with my video.

  36. Kristal says:

    Katie C- Thanks, I really want to see your video.. I hope it post this week.

  37. Katie C says:


    Love your video! You are all great! Excellent moves and you are all so in sync with each other! Good luck, hope it posts soon!

  38. Kristal says:

    Jacob how long did it take for your video to post?

  39. Jacob E. says:

    I love the way the new logo looks like!

  40. Jacob E. says:

    Hey! I posted my make your mark video at this link:

  41. Kristal says:

    Katie C, nothing yet on my end. I uploaded my video on August 4th. I did post it on youtube, you can check it out . I’m the one in the front.

  42. Katie C says:

    Still I do not see it. I am hoping to get an email with a link when it is on line. It is fun however watching them! Did yours post online yet?

  43. Arianne says:

    how do i make my mark

  44. Kristal says:

    Katie C, no so far nothing. … has your uploaded? Maybe its 2 weeks behind.

  45. jj says:

    i want to know who won

  46. Katie C says:

    No, it did not post yet. It was uploaded Aug 3rd, so 1 week ago today. The song is whodunit, solo performer, fashion forward. Did you find yours? Thanx for responding!

  47. Kristal says:

    Katie C did your video post?

  48. DARNICIA says:


  49. Kristal says:

    Katie C-hopefully the video will be uploaded today, what is your group name? Maybe the Judges are a week and half behind. I upload my video on August 5th.

  50. Katie C says:

    Continued. – we got the link for all but the video is not there, but email said they got it.

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