Make Your Mark: 2012 Finalists!

Make Your Mark: 2012 Finalists!

The second annual Make Your Mark competition has shown that 2012 is the year for dance groups. Five out of six of this year’s finalists are groups, ranging from the brother-sister duo of Chris and Starley to the five guys of Bx5 Crew. Classically trained ballerina Ashley will be the lone dancer competing on her own against the other seventeen finalists.

The 2012 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off airs on Friday, October 19th

On Friday, October 19th, the six finalist dance acts will compete in a televised event on the Disney Channel at 8pm/7 central. Following their performances, Disney Channel fans will be able to vote by phone, text, and online for their favorite performers, and the Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off winner will be announced on the Disney Channel on Sunday, October 21st.

With more than a week before the 2 Night Television Event, there’s plenty of time to check out the finalists and get ready to cheer for your favorites on the 19th. Find out more about this year’s competitors at Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off Finalists and tell us who you’re going to vote for when the Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off airs!

2012 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off – Finalists

Dancers: Jaycee (9), Dylynn (10)

Jaycee and Dylynn of DJ’s Mix combine extreme flexibility and gymnastics moves in their dance routines, much like last year’s winners, AKSquared. But can they top this year’s competition?


Dancers: Star (13), Cori (13), Regan (13), Alisson (13), Ryan (14)

Urban Xtreme is a dance team of five best friends from California. These girls know how to rock and their hip hop dance moves are sure to impress.


Dancers: Jay (15), Faustino (16), Xavier (15)

The Team Identity trio knows how to work a stage, and their slick style is inspired by the late, great Michael Jackson.


Dancers: Ashley (15)

Classically trained ballerina Ashley is unique as the only solo performer in this year’s competition. From her audition video, it’s clear she can dance circles around the other dancers – literally.


Dancers: Starley (14), Chris (16)

Last year, sisters Christine and June proved that siblings can do more than just rival, and this year Starley and Chris are a sister-brother duo bringing a funky, fun dance style into the mix.


Dancers: Levi (10), Brady (13), Jalen (12), Anthony (10), Marcus (11)

The counterpart of Urban Xtreme’s five female dancers is Bx5 Crew’s five guys, and they are just as talented. Five has been a magic number for boy groups in the past – will it work for Bx5?

Who are you voting for in the 2012 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off?

  • DJ's Mix (48%, 283 Votes)
  • Bx5 Crew (25%, 146 Votes)
  • Urban Xtreme (9%, 54 Votes)
  • Starley and Chris (8%, 47 Votes)
  • Team Identity (5%, 31 Votes)
  • Ashley (5%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 589

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161 Responses to “Make Your Mark: 2012 Finalists!”

  1. Pretty Girl says:

    starly and chris im so sorry you guys didn’t win you guys were good

  2. Pretty Girl says:

    Hey urban xtrem you girls dance good

  3. Petty Girl says:

    team identy you guys were great

  4. Petty Girl says:

    so brady you r so cute i wished you guys won you guys were amzing i hope you guys could come to fresno ca and dance for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Alena Rocha says:

    Bx5 crew see im a girl and i think you guys have SWAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alena Rocha says:

    so iam scared of flying in a plan and my name is the way it sounds but the “E” is the way you say it Alena please right on here and tell me if you are coming to fresno (w) ca

  7. Alena Rocha says:

    So Brady when are you coming to fresno ca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you know whats cool is am 12 and you’re 13 just 1 year older!!!!BX5 CREW PLEASE COME TO FRESNO CA…………….i live on the west side of fresno ca OK PLEASE YOU GUYS WILL MAKE ME SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alena Rocha says:

    hey love the way you guys dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARDY AND JALEN ARE THE CUTEST OF THE GROUP BUT BRADY IS CUTER THAN JALEN :}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kaylee says:

    all are bad

  10. Meredith says:

    PS R u visiting NY any time soon?

  11. Meredith says:

    Jalen and Brady I LOVE you guys plus Jalen your my age! U guys were amazing sorry u didnt win!

  12. Amber says:

    Bx5 Crew is my favorite, 100%! not to sound like a fangirl, but Marcus you’re my ABSOLUTE FAVE!! Plus, you’re my age! but my b-day is this month; hope yours is too! Please come to LV!!

  13. Logan says:

    Urban Xtreme you guys are the bomb! If you ever come to Miami, pull out your phone and ring me up. Regan you will definitely get a pig from me soon.

  14. jasmine says:

    im sooooo srry that u guyz didn’t make it, but on the other hand u guyz did gt8t !!!!either way, marcus{marky} ur not my age but i think that ur really CUTE!!!!!!!IM 12 and ur 11 is that a big deal, no. heres a tip,keep dancing/performing ur really gr8t , follow ur dreams.

  15. Summer says:

    i think Bx5 is so hot i like all of them i wanna meet them one day
    (especially Marcus)

  16. Summer says:

    Hey. I love Bx5 crew, guys were amazing, not just cause u guys r unbelievabley cute, but because u guys had amazing dance moves. I wish u guys went to the finals, cause u guys were the best, (especially Marcus, Brady did awesome flips though)

  17. Andrea says:

    I love Bx5 Crew.. Levi and Marcus r sooo cute.. u guys r GREAT dancers.. u my fav dance crew!!!! 🙂 <3

  18. Destiny. says:

    OMG!!!!!! DJs mix should win they are the bomb.

  19. lexie m says:

    Bx5 crew should really think about performing at scchools cuz that would be cool and they should come 2 texas<3<3<3 ;);P

  20. RAYONNA says:


  21. lexie m says:

    marcus and ur my age though u look older but if u ever come 2 texas u better have a phone yall were amazing love yall

  22. RAYONNA says:


  23. lexie m says:

    i loved Bx5 crew they were amazing they so should have won im sorry u guys and Marcus ur super cute and an amazing dancer hope ur dance careers go far dont give up yall r amazing

  24. Jaycee says:

    Hey guys it Jaycee from Djs mix!!! Thank you for who ever voted for us!!!

  25. Ashley says:

    Im sorry, MARCUS!!

  26. Ashley says:

    Bx5 you guys are amazing!!! Ahhh i absoluty loved you guys!!! Narcus is you ever come to Florida you better get your phone out and call me up!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  27. abby.31613 says:

    i love marcus from bx5! u guys were awesome!

  28. Meredith says:

    Brady and Jalen, you guys are super hot! And ur around my age. Do you like Gingers??? I have been dancing since I was 2 I can never come close to ur moves. I wished u won u guys were amazing!


  29. Kally says:

    Djs Mix! They are so good and so entertaining! I love to watch them dance!

  30. KYAH says:


  31. Haley says:

    I havent seen this and i love to dance!!! Who one? I hope DJ’s mix wins because they are already so good and they have many years to get even better than they already are!!!!<3

  32. Alexis says:

    I wish ik Dgs mix they rock

  33. olivia says:

    omg i love bx5 crew they are so cute i love marcus and levi so much there hottttt and jalen is too i wish they won im so sad hope they become famous one day so we could all see them as a group again because im gonna miss them

  34. Mikeyera says:

    Djs mix is the best they are so awesome

  35. Taylor says:

    i hope DJ mix win cause they are so talented and beautiful i wish them so much good luck
    there just the best i have no idea that i’m still alive after watching them on the dance off i love

  36. Taylor says:

    i hope dj’s mix win caus they are so talented and beutifull i wish them so much good luck
    ther just the best i have no idea that im still alive after watching tem on the dance off i love

  37. angie says:

    omg I hope starley and chris win or djs mix but really djs mix I mean come on they r awesome u guys should watch urself when u danceu guys look so pretty and like a lil baby doll also the lady who was judging u should watch her eyes when she looked at u dancing she was like “woah” and when my grandma was watching u dance with me she was like O.O OMG wow those lil girls can dance that’s what she said lol keep dancing forever

  38. corine says:

    Dj’s mix

  39. corine says:

    Dj’ mix

  40. Cierra Meeker says:

    I want bx5 crew to win because they are cute and that they have cool moves

  41. caitlyn says:

    i want djs mix to win

  42. melissa says:

    i love bx5 crew and i hope u guys are going to win!! and djs mixs you guys are very cute

  43. annakate says:

    Love bx5 crew. Brady you really are cute

  44. Kera says:

    DJs mix you guys are awesome . I belive you uys will win

  45. mikaya says:

    starley and chris u can do it

  46. BIG P says:

    u love bx5crew

  47. BIG P says:


  48. celina says:

    I love bx5 crew love Brady and Jalen you are so cute

  49. avy says:

    Yah Jalen you are so cute love you!!!

  50. avy says:

    Bx5 you guess are the best and you all have SWAG just like ME and you guess cute!

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