Classic Mickey Mouse Cartoons on DVD

Classic Mickey Mouse Cartoons on DVD

Thanks in part to its place in history as the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon and its appearance in the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo, most people are at least passingly familiar with Steamboat Willie, which debuted more than 80 years ago on November 18th, 1928. Steamboat Willie features Mickey Mouse as a sailor on a ship captained by the villainous Peg-Leg Pete, with Minnie Mouse as one of the ship’s passengers. The short’s most iconic shot is of Mickey whistling cheerfully while at the helm of the ship, and this shot can be seen in the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo as an artist’s flipbook transforms into the animated clip.

If you’re a fan of Steamboat Willie or any of the hundreds of Mickey Mouse cartoons that have come along since, then it’s high time that you add them to your home video collection. From now through September 14th, Disney Movie Rewards is offering a discount on the Have a Laugh DVDs, a collection of four DVDs featuring classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Disney Movie Rewards: Save $6 when you purchase Have a Laugh Volume 3 or Volume 4 PLUS any additional Have a Laugh volume on Disney DVD. Now through September 14th for residents of the United States, its territories, and Canada.

The Have a Laugh DVDs feature several classic cartoons in their original form and in shorter, edited versions, along with BLAM! interstitials and Re-MICKS, which are defined as:

BLAM! is an interstitial series which uses classic Mickey Mouse cartoons (as well as those featuring, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto) and features the funniest physical comedy moments from the shorts with tongue-in-cheek, silly narration. The format plays the laugh-out-loud moments of our Disney characters exactly as they were shown in these classic shorts, then stops the moment of “impact” rewinds it, plays it back, and provides colorful commentary for our viewers.

Re-MICKS takes contemporary songs, and creates funny, mash-up music videos using highlights and clips from the Classic shorts.

Coupon for Have a Laugh DVDs, image copyright Disney

Have a Laugh: Volume 1

Full Cartoons:
“Mickey and the Seal”
“Lonesome Ghosts”
“Winter Storage”
“Food for Feudin'”
“How to Hook Up Your Home Theater”

“BLAM” Interstitials
Blam! #1 = Sports (Sources: How to Play Baseball; How to Play Football; Double Dribble)
Blam! #2 = Skiing 1 (Source: The Art of Skiing)
Blam! #3 = Ice Skating (Source: The Hockey Champ)

Remixed Short (Re-MICK)
“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

Have a Laugh DVDs, image copyright Disney

Have a Laugh: Volume 2

Full Cartoons:
“Clock Cleaners”
“Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip”
“Early To Bed”
“The Art of Skiing”
“Pluto’s Sweater”

“BLAM” Interstitials
Blam! #4 = Skiing 2 (Source: The Art of Skiing)
Blam! #5 = Arctic Adventure (Source: Polar Trappers)
Blam! #6 = Clock Cleaning (Source: Clock Cleaners)

Remixed Short (Re-MICK)
“He Could Be the One” by Hannah Montana

Screenshots from Have a Laugh: Volume 2, copyright Disney

Have a Laugh: Volume 3

Full Cartoons:
“Mickey’s Delayed Date”
“Chef Donald”
“The Whalers”
“Pluto and the Gopher”
“How to Play Baseball”

“BLAM” Interstitials
Blam! #7 = Golf
Blam! #8 = Cooking
Blam! #9 = Glider

Remixed Short (Re-MICK)
“I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

Have a Laugh DVDs, image copyright Disney

Have a Laugh: Volume 4

Full Cartoons:
“Mickey Down Under”
“Hawaiian Holiday”
“How to Swim”
“Trailer Horn”
“Pluto’s Surprise Package”

“BLAM” Interstitials
Blam! = #10 Hockey
Blam! = #11 Beach
Blam! = #12 Fox Hunt

Remixed Short (Re-MICK)
“Play My Music” from the film Camp Rock

Many Amazon reviewers have not been pleased with the Have a Laugh DVDs. While some reviewers say the cartoons are great for keeping their toddlers entertained, most have expressed annoyance with the RE-MICKS, Blam!s and edited versions of the cartoons which take up DVD time and space that would have been better spent on more original cartoons.

Disappointed reviewers have recommended the Disney Treasures DVDs as an alternative. These DVDs are dedicated entirely to the cartoons and a few special features and most include more than 20 different animated shorts, as compared to Have a Laugh‘s five per disc.

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